By foot
Duration:    3 h

  • Berlin is a real boomtown, but not only since modern times. The city was already growing fast centuries ago. “Berlin is condemned only ever to become and never to be”( Karl Scheffler, art critic, 1910).
  • The Friedrichstadt district was  constructed in a Baroque manner, in the conventional style at the beginning of the 18th century. The arrangement of the streets is similar to New York City.
  • Feel the flair of one of the most beautiful city squares in Europe – the “Gendarmenmarkt”.
  • The exciting traces of the past are still widely visible: pass bridges, which aren’t bridges anymore.
  • Get a feeling of the vague presence of city walls, which have become obsolete very quickly or haven’t been built at all because no longer considered necessary.
  • The character of the new districts was strongly influenced by the growing and now absent, craft and artisanal trades. Traces can still be found on “Hausvogteiplatz”.
  • Traces also remain of the banking business.
  • The modern Berlin is reflected by many ministries, embassies and town houses.
Quartier 206 in Friedrichstraße
Quartier 206 in Friedrichstraße